Enter a Recipe – Receive a Custom GF Recipe

Everyone has recipes they miss. Receive a Custom GF Recipe! It could be the cake Grandma always brings to Thanksgiving dinner, Mom’s famous sweet rolls, your own tried & true recipe before going GF, or even recipes you never had the opportunity to try, but the images on Pinterest have you salivating and cursing your gluten free diet.

The mission of this recipe blog is to recreate happiness in food form.  Memories and emotions are tied to food, and it’s easy to feel alone and separated from a group of our loved ones as they merrily nosh on cookies, cake, donuts, and breads.  It’s tiring to lie through one’s teeth saying, “oh no, I’m fine!  This banana is good.  Really.  Go ahead, enjoy the triple layer chocolate cake, I wouldn’t have wanted it anyways.”

Recreating these recipes allows you to join in again and feel the sense of togetherness that food gives us socially.


How to have a recipe recreated:

Step 1:  Create a Pinterest account if you have not already done so.

Step 2:  Start following me on Pinterest.

Step 3:  Send an e-mail from the e-mail address associated with your Pinterest account to pinterest_board@recreatinghappiness.com.  You will be added as a “pinner” to my recipe board.

Step 4:  Once added you will be able to pin recipes on to the board.  Once a week I’ll pick a recipe and (hopefully, fingers crossed) come up with a perfect GF recreation and blog the recipe.  Please note that I’m human and it is possible that my attempts will end in a flop.  I can promise that I will give it my all, and I’m confident of a high success rate.

Payment for this custom service:  Free!  I just ask that you help spread the word about my blog via social media and/or pin me on Pinterest.

Ready to get started?  Well, what are you waiting for?  Don’t be shy, you’ve got nothing to lose – let’s get the ball rolling!