DIY: Vanilla Bean Maple Syrup & Giveaway!

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So excited for my first giveaway!  Before I get to the details I have exciting news:  You are going to make the BEST homemade gift this year:  Vanilla Bean Maple Syrup!

It only takes minutes to put together!  Woo hoo, yeah, who’s your favorite blogger now?  Yep, this gal!

DIY: Vanilla Bean Maple Syrup | Homemade Gifts |

Last year I gifted homemade vanilla extract and I admit I was thrilled with the “oohs” and “aahs” from everyone.  I’m not always the best gift giver in the world, and often my gifts are a swing and a miss (if my mother in law is reading this I suspect she’s nodding her head in agreement here haha).  I need to keep my streak going!

Vanilla Bean Maple Syrup takes less time to prepare than to wrap – it’s really that easy!  Frankly, I think it’s better…WAY BETTER…than homemade vanilla extract because it’s not easily found in stores and tastes incredible.

DIY: Vanilla Bean Maple Syrup | Homemade Gifts |

I should add a warning label to the bottle:

“WARNING:  Consumption of this product may result in excessive Vanilla Maple Syrup cravings and the inability to consume ordinary maple syrup ever again.”

Expect to make pancakes, waffles, and oatmeal as an excuse for more Vanilla Maple Syrup.  Why it’s not sold in stores is a mystery.  Maybe this post will start a vanilla maple syrup revolution.

You need only 2 ingredients:  100% maple syrup and high-quality vanilla beans.

DIY: Vanilla Bean Maple Syrup | Homemade Gifts |

Let me touch on the vanilla beans for a moment.  I have tried many different vanilla beans from many different companies and none have compared with those from Vanilla From Tahiti not to mention their outstanding customer service.

Not all vanilla beans are the same!  Vanilla from Tahiti is the premier source for Tahitian vanilla beans, Tahitian vanilla extract, vanilla bean powder, and Tahitian vanilla coffee made from the finest Tahitian vanilla beans.  While some non-Tahitian vanilla beans half the size can be found for less money, gram for gram Vanilla From Tahiti’s beans are both competitively priced and superior in flavor.

I discovered this amazing company years ago when my daughter was allergic to all of the top 8, gluten, and corn.  Finding a grain free, safe vanilla extract was frustrating until I found Vanilla From TahitiPeople with grain allergies love Vanilla From Tahiti pure vanilla extract because it’s the only 100% Tahitian, grain free, vanilla extract on the market.  And unlike other “pure Tahitian vanilla extracts” on the market, Vanilla From Tahiti is the only one made from 100% Tahitian (pure vanilla) beans.

In a nutshell:  I love this company.  In the past I tried beans from other companies thinking it’d be cool to sample all the different varieties and only ended up disappointed, wishing I had spent my money at Vanilla From Tahiti.  I will never again buy from any other company.  Needless to say, I contacted them asking to do a giveaway because they’re such a great company and I’d love to share some of their products with my readers.

Vanilla Bean Maple Syrup | Homemade | Gift | Recipe |

For a chance to win a basket full of goodies from Vanilla From Tahiti enter below the recipe:

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DIY: Vanilla Bean Maple Syrup & Giveaway!
  • 100% Pure maple syrup (any grade)
  • Tahitian Vanilla Beans
  1. Using a sharp knife, slice down the length of the vanilla bean, leaving approximately ½-inch uncut on each end. Gently open up the bean slightly.
  2. Place in a bottle of maple syrup and keep refrigerated.
  3. Wait 2 weeks and it's ready! Add more maple syrup to the bottle as needed.


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UPDATE:  I had a request for the label I used.  I used to create the image I wanted on my labels and then used cheap labels from Office Depot to print them on.

Here’s the image of my label, you should be able to right click on the image and save it to your computer:

Label Download for Homemade Vanilla Maple Syrup #gift #Christmas

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  1. Lisa Peterson says

    Very nice gift idea for this Yuletide Season. Aside from the fact that this is very simple and useful, the presentation and packaging is also done neatly. It is good that you used Tahitian vanilla beans as this always produce quality vanilla flavor.

  2. says

    This is pure gastronomic delight! Just this Thanksgiving my sister gave me Tahitian Vanilla Sampler from Vanilla From Tahiti. And I would have to agree with you here, it’s too good that you have to share it with others :) In fact, it’s in my shopping list to giveaway this Christmas. Great blog you have here Rachel.


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