Peppermint Mocha Cake

Chocolate.  Peppermint.  Coffee.

Sounds like a Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks doesn’t it?  Except technically Starbucks says their stuff isn’t gluten free and this beauty most definitely is!

#glutenfree cake version of a Starbucks Peppermint Mocha

This is what we’ve got here.  Moist cake…er, I mean bread…yes, we’re going to call it “bread” so we can rationalize eating this at 7:30 a.m…

Super chocolately, a touch of peppermint, a hint of coffee to bring it all together.  Did I mention that’s a white chocolate drizzle?

A #glutenfree cake version of a Starbucks Peppermint Mocha

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Hawaiian Bread Rolls {a Gluten Free copycat}

Hawaiian bread always makes me think of an old roommate of mine (ok, fine, ex-boyfriend).  Dude was obsessed with Hawaiian bread – and Dr. Pepper…I’m surprised he didn’t bleed Dr. Pepper.  I’d never even heard of it before – the Hawaiian bread, not the Dr. Pepper – but I was hooked as soon as I ripped off a chunk and my teeth sank into that squishy texture and the sweet bread hit my tongue.

Of course a gluten free version is a must.  I can’t live without Hawaiian bread.  How else would I make the best ham sandwich ever?  Nope, can’t be done without it.  But it’s all good, we can all relax now because gluten free Hawaiian bread is here!

Soft & sweet copycat hawaiian bread #glutenfree

The itsy-bitsy downside?  There’s one key ingredient that you absoposilutely cannot substitute out and it’s kind of pricey:  coconut flour.  I can’t take credit for that great new word:  absoposilutely by the way.  No that goes to my 6th grade teacher who I guess ironically enough taught language arts.  Oh well, I seem to have turned out ok  :)

Perfectly soft & sweet copycat hawaiian bread #glutenfree

Coconut flour not only gives the right sweetness but it’s the absolute must-have for the texture!  Coconut flour is probably the best gluten free “discovery” I’ve made in quite a while.  You have to be careful with it in other recipes because of it’s flavor but the texture!  Oh the texture!  It’s gorgeous!  It’s beautiful!  It’s very gluten like!  It lends that squishy feel that “real” bread has.  It’s seriously some amazing stuff.

Soft & sweet copycat hawaiian bread #glutenfree

I typically make these as rolls.  I have however put all the dough into a round spring form pan (is there any other shape of spring form?) and baked it so it resembled the King’s Hawaiian loaf.  It works but you have to be really careful to get it baked all the way through.  I like the rolls though even for sandwiches because I can make little sliders with them and small food is fun.

Soft & sweet copycat hawaiian bread #glutenfree… 

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Cut-Out Sugar Cookies

Christmas is around the corner and of course we need sugar cookies.  Great roll-out cut-out share with friends kind of sugar cookies that are gluten free without of course appearing to be gluten free.  Really one could use my recipes as a giant prank on someone.  Seriously, you could feed them this stuff for weeks before finally announcing they’ve been eating GF all this time and they never knew it!  Ha! It’s like sneaking veggies into your kids’ foods.  I did this with cauliflower in mac n’ cheese once.  Not only did they eat it unknowingly they begged for it the next day.

Easy #GF sugar cookies

You all know by now how spacey I am.  Actually, funny story, the other day I went to pull out my wallet and instead pulled out my ice pack from my lunch!  haha!  I was like, “what the?!  Oh!  I’ve been looking for this for days!!”  Meanwhile the cashier is just staring at me like “ok crazy lady, whatever you say.” lol…. 

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{Sponsored Post} LUNA Bars Have Gone Gluten Free: Win a Sample!

Ah!  I’m so excited!  I’m just going to type and we’ll see what comes out.

LUNA Bars contacted me a little while ago asking to do a sponsored post because they are now GLUTEN FREE!  Yes!  This means a healthy gluten-free snack in a ton of different flavors!  Keep reading to find out how to get a FREE sample.


You’re like “yay, woo hoo, I’ll check them out…I’m not hyper like you…”  But there’s more,… 

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